Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • battens — bat·ten || bætn n. board, piece of wood used to hold something in place v. grow fat; live luxuriously at the expense of another; secure with battens …   English contemporary dictionary

  • cargo battens — Strips of wood fitted inside the frames to keep cargo away from hull steelwork. Also called sparring …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • hatch battens — Flat bars which are wedged against hatch coamings to secure tarpaulin …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • БОЛЕЗНЬ БАТТЕНА — (Battens disease) редкое наследственное заболевание (называемое по другому нейронным восковидным липофусцинозом (ncuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses) или болезнью Тэя Сакса). Жировые вещества накапливаются в клетках нервной системы, вызывая у человека …   Толковый словарь по медицине

  • Fly system — Fly loft of the Theater Bielefeld in Germany A fly system, flying system or theatrical rigging system, is a system of lines (e.g. ropes), blocks (pulleys), counterweights and related devices within a theatre that enable a stage crew to quickly,… …   Wikipedia

  • Junk Rig — The Junk rig, also known as the Chinese lugsail and Sampan rig, is a type of sail rig in which rigid members, called battens, span the full width of the sail and extend the sail forward of the mast. [Hasler MacLeod, Practical Junk Rig , Tiller… …   Wikipedia

  • Batten — A batten is a thin strip of solid material (usually wood). Battens are used for various purposes in building construction, as well as other various fields.Roofing battensBattens are used to provide the fixing point for roofing sheet or roof tiles …   Wikipedia

  • Roller furling — is a method of furling or reefing wherein a sail is rolled around a stay or rotating spar. Roller furling is most commonly encountered on foresails, such as jibs, with mainsails a distant second.Furling methodsThe furling system itself is very… …   Wikipedia

  • Batten (theater) — In theater, batten or pipe refers to a long metal pole suspended above the stage or the audience from which lighting fixtures, theatrical scenery, tabs or other curtains may be hung. Usually these battens can be lowered to the stage (flown in) or …   Wikipedia

  • Door — For other uses, see Door (disambiguation). A door is a movable structure used to open and close off an entrance, typically consisting of a panel that swings on hinges or that slides or rotates inside of a space. When open, they admit ventilation… …   Wikipedia

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